Middle School Grades 6-8

The middle school campus of St. Joseph School is home to students in grades six, seven, and eight.  A teacher assistant is assigned to each of these grade levels. Students in the middle school experience a full-range of curriculum specialists including those in music, art, physical education, Spanish, and technology as well as specialists in math, reading, learning disability and speech and language intervention.  Students are home-room based for instruction in religion and language arts.  They are departmentalized for math, science, and social studies.  Math instruction includes an accelerated program in grade seven for students who qualify as well as an algebra option in grade eight.  Cafeteria and a hot lunch program are available to all students.  Though we have the luxury of two campuses, we maintain a close connection with our elementary school students through morning televised closed-circuit broadcasts, buddy classrooms, and shared liturgy experiences.  Our Catholic Schools Week celebration culminates with Spirit Day, an integrated and cross-grade level event with mixed teams of kindergarten through eighth-grade students.

We embrace a middle school philosophy that supports advocacy for each student through their homeroom experience.  Our graduates are strongly prepared for their transition to high school.  Their high school of choice includes five area Catholic schools – Central Catholic, St. Ursula Academy, Notre Dame Academy, St. John Jesuit, and St. Francis de Sales -  and Sylvania public schools.  Consistent and close communication from the high schools report that St. Joseph students come to them excellently prepared in both study skills and academic content.

“As Principal of Central Catholic High School, I emphasize the fact that high school is a fresh start, but your high school years will build on what you have experienced and accomplished over the last eight years.  As I interact with our students in various capacities – the classrooms, religious formation activities, student government, athletics, and extracurricular activities, I always ask students where they attended elementary and junior high school.  These intellectual leaders, these spiritual leaders, these student government leaders, and these leaders in athletics and extracurriculars, come from a variety of schools, but it never fails, I constantly hear that a number of these students attended Sylvania St. Joseph School.  There are always former Sylvania St. Joseph students achieving great things here and significantly contributing to the Central Catholic High School Community.”

-- Michael Kaucher, Principal of Central Catholic High School

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