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An excellent Catholic school has a clearly articulated rigorous curriculum aligned with relevant standards, 21st Century skills and Gospel values implemented through effective instruction.”  - National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary School, 2012

The school curriculum is based upon the Courses of Study issued by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Toledo, the Academic Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards from the State of Ohio.  Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English/Language Arts (beginning this year) and Math (beginning next year) have been adopted by forty-five states, including Ohio.

While the standards establish WHAT the students need to learn, curriculum determines HOW they learn it.  Curriculum—the resources, textbooks, assessments, report cards, and teaching methods—are developed at a local level, i.e. at St Joseph School.  Our teachers will continue to implement lesson plans and create instruction that meets the needs of the students in their classrooms.


To coincide with the implementation of the common core, the diocese has developed benchmarks that all staff can apply as appropriate.  These seven benchmarks represent particular qualities desired of our Catholic school graduates:

  • To be a devout disciple of Christ

  • To be a critical thinker who possesses a Catholic worldview

  • To be an effective communicator who writes, speaks and listens compassionately, in light of Gospel values

  • To be a self-directed, lifelong learner who possesses a love of learning and desire for truth

  • To be a collaborative contributor who finds meaning, dignity, and vocation in work

  • To be a loving family member who attends to family, parish, school, and community

  • To be an informed, discerning and engaged participant in American civic life and culture

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