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Fee schedule

The school budget was closely examined and prepared for the upcoming scholastic year with the assistance of our School Advisory Council. Every effort was made to keep costs as low as possible for parents. Additionally, the parish is, as it did this year, making a sizeable contribution to keep tuition prices affordable. 

Registration - $120 per student, Non-Refundable

Current students will pay at the time of re-enrollment. For new students, this is due at the time of application. The amount is discounted $20 for families who register by March 1, 2023.


Other Costs
Costs for field trips, extended day, class trips, uniforms and cafeteria lunches are

not included in tuition.


Full Tuition K-5                                                  $7,555

Full Tuition 6-8                                                   $7,580

Active Parishioner Scholarship              $2,250

Tuition and Fees are due by July 1, 2023, or an arrangement for a payment plan through FACTS.

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