Elementary Teachers


Mrs. Hanson

Kindergarten Teacher

Education - Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education PK-3 - Lourdes University

Mrs. Hanson previously taught 2nd grade in Toledo Public Schools. The 2019-2020 school year is Mrs. Hanson’s first year at Saint Joseph Parish School.

Mrs. Hanson loves gardening and reading when she has time. She coached basketball for many years and has always had a passion for sports. She currently helps coach her daughter’s t-ball team and she enjoys watching her develop social skills as well as learning how to play the sport.

Why Mrs. Hanson loves Saint Joseph and teaching:
“I feel very privileged to get the opportunity to work at SJS. Through Lourdes University, we did some classwork within various classrooms at SJS and I always felt welcome. I loved the positive experiences I had and hoped to someday get to work at SJS. I have always enjoyed learning new things and feel I have something to offer to my students. I want to instill a love for learning that will help shape their experiences throughout their academic career.”


Ms. Burns

Kindergarten Teacher

Education - Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education – Owen’s Community College and Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, licensed PreK-3 – Lourdes University


The 2019-20 year will be Ms. Burns 5th year at Saint Joseph Parish School. She previously taught 4th and 2nd grade and will now teach kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year. Prior to working at Saint Joseph, she was a proficiency tutor at Washington Local Schools. 


Ms. Burns has a 14-year-old son who has just started high school!  They love to travel and explore, and also LOVE animals; they have two cats, a bearded dragon and a chinchilla!

Why Ms. Burns loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

“Our school is a family; everyone looks out for one another and the community is one which I feel very much a part of… and did the moment I walked in. I love teaching my littles about God, love, and giving them the foundation to love learning.” 


Mr. Smith

1st Grade Teacher



Ms. Faist

1st Grade Teacher

Education:   Masters Degree, Bowling Green State University

Certifications:  Preschool - Grade 12 Reading Endorsement Certificate - Lourdes University

Ms. Faist has taught kindergarten at Saint Joseph Parish School since 2006. 


Why Ms. Faist  loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

"Why do I love teaching at a Catholic School?  Because we can talk about God anytime, anywhere.  I love being able to say to my class when we get in line (to help them focus and face me): 'Let me see the beautiful eyes God gave you.'  I love the innocence of young children - they are so open to learning and so loving...just as Jesus said in the Bible:  Let the children come to Me.  You are to learn to love God as these little children love."


Mrs. Zunk

2nd Grade Teacher

Education: Early Childhood & Elementary Education - The University of Toledo; Master’s in the Art of Teaching - Mary Grove College


Certifications: Master Teacher, Co-Teaching and RtI


Mrs. Zunk has taught at Saint Joseph Parish School for 31 years (kindergarten/2nd grade), she also taught kindergarten for two years at St. Hyacinth and has worked as an adjunct instructor at Lourdes University for six years.


When Mrs. Zunk is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her first grandchild, Nolan, having family dinners, game night, and working with pre-service teachers.


Why Mrs. Zunk loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

“Thirty-one years ago, I was the youngest faculty member at Saint Joseph and was fortunate to have mentors such as Sister Rosemarie, Janet Secrest and Sally Koppinger. These amazing women helped shape me into the teacher, mom, and faith-filled person I am today. I grew up here, my children grew up here and I am lucky to call Saint Joseph home. I couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else!”


Ms. DeLapp

2nd Grade Teacher

Education: History and English with a specialization in education -  Hillsdale College

This is Ms. DeLapp’s first year at Saint Joseph Parish School, however, she has been teaching for eight years.

Ms. DeLapp enjoys teaching, but when she’s not in the classroom she spends her time running and reading.


Why Ms. DeLapp  loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

I teach because I enjoy helping students learn and grow. I love teaching at a Catholic school because I recognize that education is not just an academic endeavor, but an important experience that shapes the virtue and character of students as children of God. I am ecstatic to be a part of it all at my alma mater!


Mrs. Rachko

3rd Grade Teacher

Education: Bachelor’s Degree Early Childhood Education - The University of Toledo

Mrs. Rachko has taught kindergarten for eight years before moving to third grade. She taught in a Montessori School prior to having children.  After staying home with her own children for three years, she made the switch to Catholic Schools.  She first taught at the Franciscan Academy, but when the school closed its doors in 2014, she came to Saint Joseph School. 

Why Mrs. Rachko  loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

“I absolutely love Saint Joseph School and community.  Teaching is my passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else.  When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy doing fun, active things with my husband and two children.”


Mrs. Lutz

3rd Grade Teacher

Education: Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, Cum Laude -  The University of Toledo.  Undergraduate degree Drawing, minors in Art Education and Art History. Master’s Degree; Education. 

The 2019-2020 school year will mark Mrs. Lutz’s 3rd year of teaching 3rd grade at Saint Joseph Parish School. Before staying home to raise her family, she taught at the Franciscan Center.  

My family, friends, and third-graders are whom I love to spend time with.   I am married with three children, and grew up and live in Sylvania.  I am a great sports “cheerleader” and love to be creative.  The Pacesetter Soccer Club is an organization I am proud to be a part of and to continue its mission in Sylvania. 

Why Mrs. Lutz loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

"I love learning and teaching.  Education is my passion.  I firmly believe that all students, regardless of individual ability, can achieve academic success in a creative and encouraging learning environment."


Mrs. Torchia

2nd and 3rd Grade Reading and Math Resource Teacher

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education,  Elementary and Special Educations – Bowling Green State University

Prior to working at Saint Joseph, Mrs. Torchia was a learning disabilities teacher/tutor for Grades:  K-12. She has been a teacher assistant at Saint Joseph for 15 years

Mrs. Torchia enjoys spending time with her family (husband, 4 children, 2 dogs), reading, walking, cooking/baking, gardening. She was adopted and recently found and reunited with her birth family!


Why Mrs. Torchia  loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

“Working with a staff who genuinely cares about each and everyone makes SJS a positive and wonderful place to work!”


Mrs. Floyd

4th Grade Teacher

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education -  Central Michigan University

Mrs. Floyd has over 20 years of working at Saint Joseph Parish School.  She is involved with the Harvard Business- Catholic Diocese of Toledo Principal Leadership Program and LEADERS Program guided by the University of Toledo. Mrs. Floyd is the 2018 Golden Apple Award Recipient!

She loves traveling and teaching. She was once able to teach at the Farthest Northern Girl Scout Camp in Fairbanks, Alaska for a summer.  When she’s not teaching, she is taking road trips with her family.  

Why Mrs. Floyd loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

"I love teaching at Saint Joseph School because it’s family-friendly and it has a strong sense of community. I love having my children in school with me and it is fun to go to events outside of school and see our families."


Mrs. Gfell

4th Grade Teacher

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education - Ohio University.  Master’s Degree - Bowling Green State University

Mrs. Gfell has taught at Saint Joseph since the 1999-2000 school year.  Her first two years were spent in 7th grade and then she moved to 4th grade where she has been ever since.  All three of her children have been students here.  She is involved with the Harvard Business-Catholic Diocese of Toledo Principal Leadership Program.

Watching sports and watching her own kids compete in their sports (cross country, football, lacrosse, and track) is one of Mrs. Gfell’s favorite things to do.  She also loves to spend Saturdays watching college football. She is a HUGE Notre Dame fan.  When not watching sport, she also enjoys reading and spending time by the pool.  

Why Mrs. Gfell loves Saint Joseph and teaching: 

“I attended Catholic school from k-12 and because of that experience, I wanted to be able to share my faith and pray with my students on a daily basis.  I can't imagine teaching anywhere else.”


Mrs. Lehr

5th Grade Teacher



Mrs. Korhumel

5th Grade Teacher

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education – The University of Michigan,  (Major: Math/Science; Minor: Social Science); Ohio Professional Teaching License  K-8; Associate Degree of Applied Science, Environmental Engineering;  Religion Certification – Mysterium Christi Diocesan Institute


Why Mrs. Korhumel loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

“My love for teaching started at childhood, and I am very happy to be a part of the Saint Joseph School and Parish Family.  My husband and I have been married for 31 years and we have 4 wonderful children. I attended the University of Michigan, GO BLUE!  However, my husband went to Ohio State, so we will always be a house of Buckeyes and Wolverines!”


Ms. Safstrom

4th and 5th Grade Reading and Math Resource Teacher

Education: Intervention Services Mild/Moderate degree – Bowling Green State University and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Heidelberg University

Ms. Safstrom spent 9 years as an intervention specialist for grades 5-8 and subbed for one year in grades K-12.  She is also a personal tutor and has been a Girls on the Run coach since 2017.

Outside of the classroom, she loves traveling, baking, watching movies, and reading.

Why Ms. Safstrom loves Saint Joseph and teaching:

“My favorite part about teaching is seeing a kid make a connection and having that "light bulb moment," especially after we have worked hard on something and it finally clicks.  Seeing students become confident and proud of themselves make the hard days, worth it.”  


Mr. Laberdee

Physical Education, Grades K- 5

Education:  Bachelors of Arts -  The University of Toledo


Mr. Laberdee has been at Saint Joseph School for 13 years, prior to that, he worked at St. Pius X school. He was married here at St. Joseph Church, in 1991.  As a child, his wife was actually a student here.


Why Mr. Laberdee loves Saint Joseph’s and teaching:

“I want to encourage students to be physically active in all aspects of life and to be positive as well as healthy. I hope all students, no matter what their experience, will always try an activity with the attitude of doing their best.”