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Typical Day

Typical Day

  • Morning Greeting - greeting the children as they enter the classroom with their parent, fostering a strong partnership with families

  • Daily Routine - putting away their things, washing hands, finding their name and joining peers

  • Group Meeting - listening to the teacher, taking attendance, sharing stories, singing songs, discussing our work for the day

  • Daily Choices - choosing teacher-planned, inquiry and play-based activities in the interest centers

  • Snack time – healthy options given to children

  • Outdoor Play - on our preschool-specific playground

  • Music & Movement

  • Catechesis of the Good Shephard - utilizes Montessori teaching principles to help children develop an informed and genuine relationship with God; takes place across the hall in our Atrium

  • Prayer – incorporated into everyday activities

  • Special Guests/Visitors -  Santa, Dental Hygienist, Music with Miss Meghan, Monsignor Billian


 Center Highlights  - Centers are developmentally-appropriate to each age group 

  • Dramatic Play Space

  • Curiosity Corner (Science)

  • Writing Center

  • Math Center

  • Block Center

  • Fine Motor Space/Finger Gym

  • Large Group Space

  • Prayer Table

  • Cozy Corner/Calming Space

  • Art

  • Sensory Table


Engagement Outside the Classroom - We believe that curriculum is enhanced through activities that involve our families, school, and parish community. 

  • Monthly Family Fieldtrips

  • Pilgrim Picnic celebrating Thanksgiving

  • Santa Saturday

  • Preschool Art Show for family & friends

  • End of Year Family Celebration

  • Home Visits before your child starts school

  • Elementary School collaboration- Buddy Class visits, visits to the kindergarten classrooms, meet and greet with the kindergarten teachers

  • Catechesis of the Good Shephard – a Montessori-based environment where children have an opportunity to learn about Mass and the Sacraments


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