Sacramental Preparation

Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist

Students are prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the second grade. In celebrating this Sacrament of God’s forgiveness, students learn to re-establish their relationship with God and all people through reflection and contrition. By saying “I am sorry” and hearing “You are forgiven.” Once the preparation for First Reconciliation has been made, students receive the Sacrament for the first time with their families. After this milestone, students will regularly receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a class.

The preparation for the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is also made in the second grade. First Communion usually takes place in early May. All important dates are communicated to families at the beginning of the students’ second-grade year. Preparation for the Sacrament includes a parent program.

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Confirmation is celebrated as a community event that seals a Christian’s membership in Christ’s Body through the Spirit which constantly renews and brings new life to the Church.


At Saint Joseph Parish School, students currently in grades eight and above who desire the Sacrament are invited to participate in the process. Having celebrated First Communion, all prospective candidates are expected to attend a Catholic school or be involved in a systematic religious education process (summer program or family program) for an additional three years prior to the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is also expected that candidates celebrate Sunday Eucharistic liturgy on a weekly basis as well as the Holy Days of Obligation.


The Confirmation process involves the following components that may deepen, challenge and empower one’s Catholic Christian life:

  • Rite of Choice with candidates, parents, and sponsors

  • Selection and reflection of Confirmation name

  • Retreat for all candidates

  • Sessions between sponsor and candidate utilizing the “Candidates Journal” *Sponsor’s letter of recommendation of the candidate

  • Rite of Enrollment with candidates, parents, and sponsors *Candidate’s letter to Msgr. Billian

  • Candidate’s interview

  • Celebration of the Rite of Confirmation


To say “yes” to the process does not simply mean one receives the sacrament. It means celebrating the sacrament by wanting to be a Catholic with a living conscious and active faith.


Further Details

  • Confirmation Registration Form

  • Sponsor Requirements

  • Contact Catherine Romzek or Elaine Dickendasher in the parish OYCF for more information.