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Student Council

Student Council 
2017- 2018

Mateo Gomez-Castro and Lauren O'Brien

8th Grade Representatives
Raphael Yazji and Sammy Giordano

7th Grade Representatives
Aiden Carroll
Devyn Riley
Caroline Fawcett

6th Grade Representatives
Jack Kasprzak
Nate Malek
Will Malone

5th Grade Representatives
Kelsie Koop
Gabriel Zbierajewski
Owen Little

4th Grade Representatives
Bella Smith, Reaghan Meyer and Josh Harrison

“I chose to run for Student Council because I wanted to be a better person and to help out our school.  Also, now that I am a part of Student Council I realize that our school would not be the same without it.  For example, the flowers we plant every year and the church services we put on…Student Council creates a real difference.”

Ryan Cendol, 2013- 14 Student Council President