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Online Resources

Internet Research

Grades K-5
Ask Jeeves for Kids - Just type in a question!
Kids Click - This web search for kids was assembled by librarians.
The Internet Public Library Youth Division - The excellent links for kids ages 4 to 12 are arranged by subject.
INFOhio Grades K-5 -This is a free collection of research tools for all Primary students in Ohio.
World Book Kids
The US 50 - a guide to the 50 states
Fifty states and their capitals

Grade 5 Solar System Research
StarChild- The Solar System
The Solar System- Astronomy for Kids
The Planets of Our Solar System

Grades 6-8
netTrekker Search- This search engine contains over 180,000 educator-selected online resources that are organized around the K-12 curricula and by grade level so searching is logical and easy.
INFOhio  This is a free collection of research tools for all Middle School students in Ohio.
Google - This is a very reliable search engine for Grade 6 and above. - This is a search engine that groups search results by category. - This is a new search engine developed by Microsoft. - It is a search engine that allows you to type in a question rather than a search term.

Learning Activities
Between The Lions
Exploring Leonardo 
Johnny's Math Page
Make a Flake
NASA Kids Home  
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Interactive Math Activities K-12)
Sheppard Software Online Games (Beginning Readers)

Helpful Websites for Middle School Students
Babel Fish Translation - Translation tool
Easy Bib - A website to generate citations for research.
Encyclopedia Titanica- Grade 6
Freeplay Music
Kids Planet Endangered Species Fact Sheets
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Primary Math Websites
A Matter of Time        Several interactive quizzes about time.
AAA Math      This is organized by grade level and math topics.
Add 'em Up    This is a very basic addition game.
Addition Level 1        Add two one-digit numbers with 3 choices of games. 
Addition Number Sentences  Students can practice number sentences.
Change Maker    Get as much money as possible in your bank.
Count Hoot Math       Some nice addition and subtraction practice.
Counting Change        Matching coins with the correct amount.
Interactive Mathematics K-2  Many interactive activities covering all math topics. 
Johnnie's Math Page   Links to interactive math activities organized by topic.
Kids Word Problems  These are best for upper primary (grades 2-3).
Let's Count     This is an interactive set of counting activities.
Line Jumper    Using a number line for addition and subtraction. 
Math Fact Cafe           Try working online or print out fact worksheets.
Money Flashcards       Children recognize and count money.    Self Correcting Quizzes for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Number Cracker          Find the missing number in the pattern- very challenging.
Number Time  Several fun math games are found here.
One False Move          Great activity to practice ordering numbers.
Piggy Bank     Count coins to match an amount for the Piggy Bank.
Sheppard Software Online Math         Several great math exercises.
Stop the Clock            Match clocks with the correct time.
Take It Away This is a very basic subtraction game.
Telling Time    Contains links to many time activities.
Time Teller      Great interactive clock to practice time.
Willy the Watchdog    Two person game to practice hour and half-hour