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Pastor's Letter

Dear Friends,

The ministry of Catholic Education is at the heart of Saint Joseph Parish. At the very beginning of our entrance into the Church, we acknowledge that parents will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of the faith. Our parish community is happy to be a partner in this education. That is why we have Saint Joseph Parish School.

This partnership between home and parish school can provide the very best education and formation for all the children of God.

We create in our parish school community an atmosphere invigorated by the Gospel. We aim to help children and adolescents, in their development, so that their growth will be mirrored by the growth that we are called to by our baptism. We teach so that our students will be able to know well the way the world is created so that they can assist in making all of God’s creation into His Temple.


Welcome to this wonderful partnership!

In the Spirit of Saint Joseph,


Rev. Msgr. Michael R. Billian